Isn’t My Boss Supposed to Pay for Business Expenses?

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Employers must pay for all of the expenses an employee incurs related to the employer’s business.  For example, employees who use their automobiles in carrying out job functions must be provided a mileage or other reimbursement stipend to cover all driving expenses, including gas and insurance.

Here are some examples of expenses that employers often try to make employees pay:

  • mileage
  • driving to and from different locations
  • actual auto expenses vs. artificial auto “allowances”
  • training costs
  • seminar costs
  • telephone charges
  • mailing costs
  • postage
  • subscriptions
  • office supplies
  • office equipment
    • wages of support staff or employees who process transactions
    • costs associated with transaction errors
    • costs to settle disputes with customers
    • other necessary business-related costs or expenses that resulted from your employment