Firm Overview

Patterson Law Group is a San Diego, California based commercial litigation firm that focuses on complex class action litigation, including consumer protection, privacy, and employee rights. We have been recognized as a leader at both the state and national levels, and attorneys at our firm have been appointed lead counsel and co-lead counsel in more than 40 state and federal actions.


Our consumer advocacy practice is focused on protecting the privacy rights of consumers. We have litigated numerous cases challenging retailer practices of collecting unnecessary personal information from credit card customers. We have handled a variety of cases involving data breach, internet scams, deceptive marketing, and deceptive banking practices.

Representative cases that have been certified as class actions and prosecuted to judgment include: (1) Hernandez v. Restoration Hardware, Inc., Case No. 37-2008-00094395 (San Diego Sup. Ct.) (class receiving benefits of more than $36 million in penalties following trial); (2) Shabaz, Korn v. Polo Ralph Lauren Corp., Case No. SA CV 07-1349 (US Dist. Ct.) (class receiving benefits of more than $10 million); (3) Anderson v. United Retail Group, Case No. 37-2008-00089685 (San Diego Sup. Ct.) (class receiving benefits of approximately $4.2 million); (4) McCarthy v. Euromarket, Case No. 37-2008-00085041 (San Diego Sup. Ct.) (class receiving benefits of approximately $6 million); (5) Johnson v. New York & Company, Case No. 37-2008-00080567, (San Diego Sup. Ct.) (class receiving benefits of approximately $5 million); (6) In Re Citibank Heloc Reduction Litigation, Case No. 09cv0350 (US Dist. Ct.) (class receiving financial benefits as well as reinstatement of equity lines); (7) Lamps Plus Credit Transaction Cases, Case No. JCCP4532 (Los Angeles Sup. Ct.) (class receiving benefits of approximately $6 million); (8) In Re Easysaver Rewards Litigation, Case No. 09cv2094 (US Dist. Ct.) (class receiving benefits of more than $30 million)


Our employee protection practice includes prosecution and trial of both individual and class cases. We have represented employees in many fields, and litigated claims for (1) meal break violations, (2) rest period violations, (3) overtime pay, (4) misclassification, (5) discrimination, (6) wrongful termination, (8) whistle blower, (9) rate violations, (10) unlawful deductions, (11) paystub violations, and (12) private attorney general act claims.

Representative cases include: (1) LaMasa, et al. v. INDYMAC Resources, Inc., Case No. 626836 (Stanislaus County Sup. Ct.) (more than $3,000,000 recovered after bank failure and seizure by FDIC); (2) DeLapp v. Union Bank, Case No. CGC-10-500638 (San Francisco Sup. Ct.) (over $1,800,000 recovered for lost vacation pay); (3) Fletcher v. The Toro Company, Case No. 37-2008-00095573 (San Diego Sup. Ct.) (approximately $1,000,000 in compensation recovered for the class of only 119 people); (4) Von Retteg v. La Costa Limousine, Case No. 37-2008-00086676 (San Diego Sup. Ct.) (approximately $300,000 recovered for the class); (5) Zapata v. BAE Systems Advanced Ceramics, Inc., Case No. 37-2008-00081654 (San Diego Sup. Ct.); (6) Park, et al v. The Blue Buffalo Company, LTD et al, Case No. 3:12cv01274 (US Dist. Ct.) (misclassification); (7) Verdugo v. Richman Management Corporation, Case No. 37- 2010-00096841 (San Diego Sup. Ct.) (security guard class); (8) Hu et al v. International Rectifier Corporation, Case No. 37- 2010-00096892 (San Diego Sup. Ct.) (unpaid stock benefits).


While we take pride in our ability to appropriately evaluate and favorably resolve complex cases, we are ready willing and able to vigorously litigate any case through trial. The attorneys at Patterson Law Group have significant trial experience, including notable results in Hernandez v. Restoration Hardware ($36 million verdict, San Diego Sup. Ct.);
In Burlington Coat Factory Song-Beverly Cases ($29 millions settlement following victory in the liablity phase),
Ichor Medical Systems v. Walters ($14 million jury verdict, S.D. Cal.), Burns v. San Diego State University ($3.35 million jury verdict, San Diego Sup. Ct.).